PPPFor the past five years, the rise in email and comment spam has given everyone a reason to cringe whenever they go to log into their inbox. You can get so many different links telling you to purchase Viagra, or grow a larger penis with many of the magic pills out there. I’m uninterested in growing a larger penis, mainly because I’m female and if I did in fact have one, then some doctors have some serious explaining to do.

Knowing that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with someone, I do like to read up on all of the potential issues that we may experience 30 years or so down the road. There are many resources out there trying to sell you different ‘fixes’ but I couldn’t say that there’s one out there that gives you a break down of why a certain product is good for you, and why it isn’t. Sure, you can get the full list of side effects just by going to the manufacturers website, but that doesn’t always stop you from making that choice.

Today I came across ManOfPeople.com. It’s a project that’s dedicated to modern treatment methods for erectile dysfunction with particular emphasis on recommendations and tips about selecting a reputable online pharmacy for purchasing ED Therpy drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. They give you a few different lists to read through, these are the blacklist and the whitelist. They evaluate the pros and cons of every product listed on their website so this really should help your choice no matter which route you take.

Now, I know – listening to some random tech girl telling you that you need to get your winkie fixed isn’t exactly how you intended to start your day but as someone who cares about the male species, making sure they’re healthy and active by giving a few recommendations here and there really doesn’t make me a bad person – does it?


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