Do it Yourself

PPPIn order to save money, Sean and I are going to bite the proverbial bullet and do a lot of the work around our new home by ourselves. A few years ago I ordered a disk from some random freebie site that was based on like 250 Home Depot “Do It Yourself” tasks. Our initial purchase was going to be an older home, so I looked into details on how to wire older homes.  Knowing that the wiring has been there since the late 70’s, we figured an upgrade on it wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  Since that house fell through on us, we’re unsure of what’s going to happen in this new place.

So I’ve poked around the Internet and managed to bookmark a site called, it’s a free community with thousands of articles and over 100 active forums on several do-it-yourself home improvement topics.  I think it’s a pretty valuable resource for the do it yourself community.  Not only does it save you money (based on the fact that it’s a free membership site) but it gives you simple step by step break downs on the tasks that one can do around the house by themselves in order to save some money. You have to understand that everyone isn’t a contractor, and most people aren’t lucky enough to have one in the family.  So in order to save some money, taking the time to do things by yourself is really the way to go.

I know from the get go that when we move into our new place, the first thing to go is more than likely going to be the rug because we won’t know how long it’s been in the house.  I was thinking of putting down wood floors, that is a really big project but I’m confident that Sean and I – maybe with a little help from his brother when either of us get tired – can handle conquering this task.

With this site that I found, there’s the option of purchasing a DVD so you have a one-on-one kind of teacher to help you through your task for better results.  It’s worth checking out.


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