Consumer Reviews – Not Helping Me!

I’m doing some poking around in search for reviews on a few different televisions that Sean and I are interested in.  We know for sure that we’d like an LCD HDTV in the living room, I’ve settled upon a 32″ knowing that it’ll be more than large enough for the two of us considering the largest TV in the house at the moment is a 27″ but since that’s in the office I hardly ever get to watch it.  I have a 20″ for the bedroom and that’s staying where it is, more than likely getting one just like it for the new office and calling it a day.  The bump in the road is which TV to choose for the living room.  I know that in the end we’ll have to go there and actually look at the picture quality but at the same time, I’d like to know a little bit more about the models we’re thinking about before we walk into BestBuy.

This is borderline annoying.


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