I’ve been doing some research around the Internet for Sean without his knowledge. While I don’t mind that the current loan needed to go in my name in order for us to be approved for it, I do mind that down the road if his credit status hasn’t changed, the mortgage would require an outside cosigner and I just don’t think that’s fair to them. So I’ve been looking around sites like for Debt Consolidation Services. My focus is on Credit Card Debt Elimination because that’s what kind of screwed him out of getting any kind of a loan that wasn’t a student loan. Because of his credit card debt he was even rejected for a bad-credit auto loan. He knows that it’s going to take a lot of work to rebuild his credit history but I don’t want to be held financially responsible for him once we’re out on our own. He had the debt long before I came into the picture, so naturally he’s going to have to deal with it himself. Having the outside help wouldn’t be a bad idea though. He knows exactly how much money needs to be sent in on a monthly basis in order to pay off his cards. I figure at this point he’s only really paying the interest and in that regard you’re never really going to get ahead with your debts. If his minimum payment is $60 a month, sending in $120 would be the more sound thing to do. It pays the debt off faster, and eventually the $2,000 balance will disappear quicker than you thought it would.


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