Cold Front Moving In

While it’s still rather warm in the house, there’s this wonderfully cool breeze coming through the windows behind me.  I’ve got myself setup on the couch because I’ve grown sick of keeping myself locked in the bedroom all day.  With the weather cooling down, having only one window in the room that’s currently being blocked up with an Air Conditioner, it’s kind of hard to enjoy the nice weather.  So I’ve wandered out to the living room where I’m currently enjoying six wide open windows all very active with a nice breeze that has yet to lift over the course of the evening.

There’s a thunderstorm lingering over head.  A few random booms here and there have had Bella on her toes.  On top of the discomfort of her ear infection, she’s also not really a fan of storms so she’s being extra clingy at the moment.  I’ll move her to the bedroom soon though.  I do plan on getting to bed sometime over the course of the next half hour.  I figure I’ll just finalize things for the evening and then move on from there.


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