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Even though Halloween hasn’t even hit yet, stores around the area are already overloading the shelves with Christmas related items. Everything from big blow-up lawn ornaments to decorations in general, there isn’t a corner that you can turn in Walmart that has anything Halloween related except for one small isle in the store. I find this to be a bit absurd but everyone seems to just hop right over the ‘small’ holidays and go straight to the money maker that is Christmas. It’s unfortunate from a personal standpoint considering I enjoy the “small” holidays much more than the large ones, but at the same time I can see where businesses are coming from, from a financial standpoint.

Sean plans on taking a lot of pictures throughout our relationship and knowing that I get the general Christmas greeting cards every year from family – I was actually considering having my own. I came across The Gallery Collection, they can’t really help me out the way I personally need but I was planning on going to Sears anyway. They’re a business-to-business mail order publisher of personalized greeting cards. I noticed everything from business Christmas cards, to just Holiday cards in general. They’re currently holding a greeting cards scholarship contest for high school and college kids. It’s $10,000 which could help out many school-bound people. It’s a pretty graphics heavy contest. You design a greeting card with a regular photo, drawn artwork or digital artwork and the winner receives a $10,000 scholarship. It seems pretty cool.


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  1. greeting cards from the hear would always be the best thing to give someone special-~~

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