Building up and out

Actually getting the money together to make the move to Ohio is taking us much longer than we’d originally anticipated but this doesn’t mean that we’ve lost the spark to getting everything taken care of once we get out there. We already know that a small bit of remodeling is going to take place. The addition of a deck is another project that we’re interested in this coming Spring. So it’s no surprise to either one of us that signs for General Contractors are being posted up around us. We take this as someone from another realm trying to tell us which route to take. I believe in signs, if I didn’t then Sean and I more than likely wouldn’t be together – you know?

So we’ve been factoring in how much it’s going to cost us in order to do these modifications. Knowing that the second bedroom is rather small and is connected to the living room, we’re probably going to take out the wall (if possible) to open up the floor plan. This way neither one of us are working in a cave and we’re open to the rest of the house. Having an in-house office is extremely important to us, so having more than enough room in the room is equally as important. We don’t want to cram two desks into the room and hope that we’re not sitting on top of each other. We want to have more than enough room to move around and be comfortable. What’s the point in owning your own home if you aren’t going to even be comfortable in it?

So opening up the floor plan is a necessity. In regards to privacy, however, you kind of lose it when you’re taking out the wall. I then thought about the easiest way of gaining privacy, without losing space. The first thing to pop into my head were the tracks that cover hospital beds so you can pull the curtain. We can hang one of these tracks on the ceiling and then tie things back when we want the room opened up. When we want things closed off, we can just pull the curtain and boom – privacy. It saves on space, it’s easy to tuck back when you want things open and it’s a cheap fix. The track can be found at most home improvement stores and the curtain just needs to hook onto it so we can really go wherever we please for that. Sean said shower curtains but that to me sounds kind of tacky. I want something that will match the rest of the decor in the house. My color scheme is what I like to call “Milk Mint Chocolate” pale green walls and tan furniture to round things out.

The patio on the side is an add on to be done later on down the road. Right now there’s a side door that just kind of has a stoop attached to it. I figure we can build up and out and put a small 10’x10′ screened in deck up so I can have a room in the house that’s just mine and still be able to enjoy the out doors in the process. Think of it as a sun porch, I know I will heh.


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