Bright Hub Software Reviews

I like going to review sites, consumer reviews seem to be the most important aspect of buying anything for me.  Sure, if I walk into Best Buy and I see a TV that I like, I may walk out with it.  But if reviews tell me that the TV has a great picture but easily over heats or pixels show up within a half hour of usage, then naturally that’s going to be one of my deciding factors in the purchase itself.  When it comes to Software and other Programs that I use on a regular basis, Trial and Error is an important thing for me because up until this point I’ve been unable to locate any kind of websites that offer me a solid review of a program, that isn’t a paid entry at least.  Today I happened to come across Bright Hub software reviews, you can look through numerous categories with everything from Business & Office to Security & Encryption.  There currently aren’t that many programs in the database, but a few of the ones listed for review on the site are ones that I use on a regular basis, CorelDRAW being a prime example.  It’s worth checking out.  You can sign up and write reviews of your own, or just poke around the site reading the reviews that others have left. It’s pretty cool.


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