Bargain Discounts, Coupon Codes, and a little bit of shopping.

PPPI’ve got some extra money laying around so I’ve been going through my bookmarks in hopes to start making some home-based purchases before we even get the loan check. I know already that I’m approved for the loan but I also know that getting things together in the new house is going to cost a bit of money. So what I decided to do was start ordering some of the little things using my smart bargains coupons from I’m lucky enough to know that the site houses coupons for the places I shop the most Petco and Target. It would have been nice to see coupons from Walmart, Kmart and even Best Buy but I’m sure that sometime down the road there will be a few more companies added. It would be great to get some for companies like ABC Distributing and Harriet Carter but that’s based on the fact that 70% of the length on my “to buy” list is based on those stores. They’re already discounted so that really isn’t a big deal for me.

The more expensive products are coming to Target. I’m getting a coffee maker, crockpot and a few other kitchen based items. I’m also looking to purchase an alternative down comforter to help Sean out with his allergies and still be able to keep warm. He wonders why he can’t breath at night even though he’s using feather pillows. I’ve even looked into alternative down pillows as well. Target coupons at the moment are $5 off any order over $50. It’s really not a big chunk out of the final bill but I’ll take it as shipping has been deducted by $5 and that’s good enough for me.

Other sites I’ve been looking around for is Lane Bryant, I’m in desperate need of a few new bras and the coupons up right now are $25 off orders over $75 OR $50 off orders of $150. Those are some big savings, that’s more than likely the cost of two garments so that makes me rather happy. I love their clothing too, but I’m not the kind of person to spend $80 on a shirt that I’m hardly going to wear.

Surfing through Petco Coupon Codes has also been pretty interesting. I can get $5 off an order of $50 or more and I can even get a free quote on health insurance. I’m not sure if I’d ever actually get her insurance though, it costs more to maintain insurance than it would to actually use it. I only bring her to the vet every few months for a check up. Tonight I’m going down to the clinic to get her ear looked at so I can get her some antibiotics for her ear infection. It’s probably only going to cost me about $125 at most considering she doesn’t need a check up for anything other than that. It’s not worth paying a few hundred a month so she can be medically insured when it costs less to just pay as I go. But, spending $50 on food and other supplies for her are a somewhat monthly purchases so saving $5 there would help me out. Again I’ll take it as shipping. I used to be able to just walk into Petco whenever I wanted, unfortunately there isn’t one in the area I am now so I have no choice in the matter but to order online. There is a local pet supply store in the area but they’re kind of pricey because they’re privately owned. Hopefully there is a Petco near our new home in Ohio, that’ll save me even more money.


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