Around the house.

I’ve been doing some floating around ABC Distributing because of all of the housewares they have to offer.  I know it’s kind of low-quality stuff but when it comes to random necessary things – it’s worth it.  I’m definitely going to pick up the 25-Pc. Kitchen Towels because they come in numerous colors, I’m probably going to pick up the Taupe to mute things down around the house or the Moss to match the green/brown theme of the house.  Either way it’ll all blend together nicely.  I also found some really cute table accessories as well.  Sean is a pretty big Coca-Cola fan so when I found the Coca-Cola Salt & Pepper Shakers I knew it was going to be worth the $5 purchase.  Unfortunately it’s unavailable at the moment but I hope it’ll be put back on the site before the Holiday’s, the red and white cans are very festive you know.

And looking around Harriet Carter, I came across even more goodies that are worth the money.  I know that there’s going to be tile counter tops in the kitchen, but it’s the old boring white tile, which some people like and that’s fine, but I want to spruce it up a little, so I’ve found Marble Tiles that are basically peal and stick but it gives the kitchen a brand new marble look that I think is going to be gorgeous.  I also found a CRS Mug for myself because he’s pretty good at forgetting things.  And while I was floating around Harriet Carter, I came across a set of Solar Floodlights so I can have some lighting around the outside of the house that isn’t going to cost me a lot of money.  I think these do a better job at accenting a house then a standard outdoor light could do anyway.  I just need to leave room for the bug light.  I also am going to need to throw up some screen doors because I hear the ones that come with the place are kind of damaged.

Finding a home to fall in love with is pretty hard, but furnishing it is even harder.  I’ll tell you that much.


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