Almost Too Patient…

I’m very patiently waiting for the mail to show up.  I’m hoping to get my letter from HSBC so I can start going through all of my paperwork trying to figure out what I’m going to need in order to sign for my loan.  Sean and I are really anticipating getting out to Ohio next week so we can buy our house, start any renovations that need to be done and then heading back out here so we can pack up our things and go.  Knowing that the home has been there for a while, and that there were a lot of appliance upgrades but we’re still unsure of the carpeting.  Sean has some pretty nasty allergies so replacing older carpeting would probably help him out quite a bit as far as being able to breath is concerned.  We’re more than likely going to replace everything with hard flooring, whether it be Laminate or Hard Wood will be decided after we get a quote from whomever we’re having it installed by.

I’m just itching to get out there.  A much needed trip to New York is coming up this weekend, I can see my father, get the rest of my things, and pick up the loan check.  Once we get back down to DE, Sean’s car goes into the shop, a room will be booked in Ohio so we’ve got somewhere to stay for a few days and then hopefully by the next time we’re back in DE, we’ll be packing to move.

: crosses fingers :


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