You Can Submit!

When surfing around the Internet you come across many different things that can easily spark your interest. Lately for me it’s been all about home improvement with my upcoming purchase, but at the same time I do still have work in mind and everything from search engine marketing to blogging and even podcasting still sparks my interest. For a while now I’ve been interested in podcasting, this is mainly due to the recent rise in it, it’s a lot easier than typing things out – I’ll tell you that much. There are so many different programs that you can use to record your podcast and while some take the approach of doing verbal interviews with someone (as opposed to the AIM based ones that many have done in the past). It also takes less time to get your point across through podcasting than it would if you were doing a formal write-up for your visitors to listen to.

YouCanSubmitThis afternoon I came across YouCanSubmit, it’s a site that helps you out with everything you could possibly need for your website, including podcast production.  This site isn’t based on podcasting, please don’t go there thinking that it is.  This is an SEO company that helps you with everything you could possibly need in regards to getting your website noticed, and to keep people coming back.  They tell you from the get-go that you’re not spending thousands of dollars on getting your website to a PR7 with 50,000 visitors a day, they help you to get your name out there and make your valuable content known to potential readers to keep them coming back to you on a regular basis.  This is the point of any SEO company, they’re just taking a different approach to it.

You don’t need to fill your website with ads for other companies, you don’t need to change your content around to better suit your visitors needs.  All you need to do is have a website of any kind.  It could be a regular blog, it could be a business, it could be a daily podcast about everything from daily life to corporate companies that you feel you need to have an opinion of.

Check them out, you may like what you see and use their services.


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