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I’ve been a Work From Home junkie for about four years now. I like the ability to be my own boss and make a decent living off of something that was once a hobby and has now turned into a full-blown career. There are many people also interested in working from home, but don’t have any training in the Web Design field, or any major computer knowledge in general. They believe filling out surveys for $50 a survey is actually going to bring in some cash. However, I don’t know ONE company that actually pays you for those things so to me, and many others, it’s nothing more than a scam.

But what about the legitimate home-based businesses that aren’t a scam? Where do you find them? I came across a free information website named, that gives you a few interesting tips on how to go about starting up your own business. The owner, Feve, has gone out of her way to give you as many free resources as she can get her hands on. She goes on to note that there is absolutely no shortage of information available on the subject of working from home. She also notes something that I’ve been saying for many years. Most home business information on how to make money is complete junk and the “big secret just revealed” programs really have no secret at all. The majority of the time these sites are making all of their money off those spending $50 to learn something that no one else is privy to on the internet, and of that majority it’s done through affiliate links so in actuality, the original website is making more money than ANYONE. This, to a degree, is called pyramid scheme and it happens more than one would think.

So I’m looking through the different categories and I came across a link that made me wonder, you can Get Google Ads Free? I don’t advertise with Google, mainly because I have a love-hate relationship with them but there’s a fairly interesting article, Get Google Ads Free Review, and I have to say it’s VERY well written and informative and would recommend it to anyone interested in advertising with Google. In short it explains to you how you can use your earnings from Google to then advertise with them. Nifty idea, no? Read the articles, trust me – they’re worth it.


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