What happened to Halloween?

PPPSean and I tend to look into everything with a bit of overkill. We’re unsure of whether or not we’ll be settled in by Halloween so with that in mind we’re already planning for Christmas. For many years I’ve been accustomed to a large tree filled with beautiful twinkling lights, heaps of ornaments and surrounded by any possible Christmas decoration there is. I personally prefer a large green tree with multi-colored lights, the more traditional approach. Sean’s mother likes white trees with white lights, which I personally find gaudy, but if that’s her personal taste – then so be it.

All of my ornaments are up in New York and I don’t want to take that away from my father because I’m starting my own life somewhere else, so Sean and I are going to work from the ground up and get everything from our own ornaments and decoration to the more basic strands of LED holiday lights to completely surround the house and brighten it for the holiday season. I know I’ll be doing a lot of cooking, and decorating in preparation. I’ll leave him with the task of decorating the exterior of the house. His brother put up over 10,000 lights on his house at the last Christmas and knowing the competitive edge in both of them, I can only imagine what kind of a decoration war is going to be going on. To the point that it kind of scares me but I’ll make it a point to keep a close eye on the credit cards so that he doesn’t go too overboard with things. I assume his brothers wife will do the same, at least I hope. There’s something about men and ladders, that’s for sure.

My reason for looking into LED Christmas lights is based on a few options, really. One of which is the bill that will show up at the end of the month once the Christmas rush has ceased. They use about 80% less power than a standard string of lights and that’s enough to make my wallet very happy. There are many different styles of LED Xmas lights, so many that it’ll be hard to decide which ones to go with. I think as far as outside of the house is concerned, I’d like a nice white light setup, but I hate the icicle lights so a solid rope strand will be more than enough for me. Something tells me there will be a lot going on on the roof but I’ll have to put a stop to that before it gets too out of hand, so that should be interesting – heh.


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