Wedding Invitations

A friend of mine has been planning her wedding for quite some time now, and she’s got me scouring the Internet looking for her potential invitations. She’s convinced that she can just pay someone like $3,000 and they’ll do the invitations for her. I told her to look over the Blog because there are many tips and tricks that I’m sure will help her out in the end. I don’t think anyone should spend that kind of money, she’s only going to have like 100 people at her wedding, she’s spending more on the invitations (say $30 per invitation) than she is on the actual food. I see something wrong there, don’t you? As far as dinner is concerned she’s only doing like $15 per plate.

Trust me, the food and the music are a bit more important at weddings than the piece of paper that invited them there. I’m not saying the invitations are null and void, I just think that a simple design that’s elegant will get you further than something with the bells and whistles, you know?


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