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PPPWith my upcoming home purchase, part of me has been considering taking some kind of a real estate class just so I can figure out what all of the terms and conditions mean when it comes to the actual purchase itself. On top of that I’m interested in learning about flipping houses because I’m confident that somewhere down the road getting myself into property investment is going to be a pretty major benefit to me, and my bank account if it’s done right. My inspiration behind this is obviously Trump because he’s taken his business into the billion dollar price tag thanks to his ability to use valuable real estate to his advantage.

Today I actually came across and found myself wondering around the About TrumpU section to learn some more about it. There are many different courses you can take but the one that interested me the most was where you can Learn How to Become a Profitable Real Estate Investor. The quick break down notes:

In this course, you will learn to identify residential properties that can earn you those big-time returns. And you will learn to increase those returns by combining your personal goals with in-depth market analysis.

This course includes text, video and interactive exercises as well as personalized instructor feedback.

To me, this means rental properties and those for the most part are really the way to go. It also heavily depends on where your property is located, naturally. So say you know of 3.5 acres for sale in a tourist town, throwing up some rental condos or even manufactured multi-family homes in general could really bring in some decent money. The way I would do it the year-round residents would naturally have a set monthly rental fee and those coming down seasonally would have a different one. It’s how I’ve seen it done in numerous communities in the area ( I live in Rehoboth, trust me I know tourists too well at this point ) and I believe it’s fair to the year-round residents as well. Figure in the summer there are going to be loud parties, extra people – the yearly based residents shouldn’t have to put up with it so why should they be charged more during the vacation seasons, you know?

I’m babbling, I know. I’m just itching to get under my own roof and then see what I can do from there. Either way I’m sure it’ll be extremely productive time spent for me if I actually had the $1,000 to take this particular course.


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