Travel and Remote Access

Over the course of the next few weeks, Sean and I are going to be doing quite a bit of driving. First is a five hour trip north to my fathers house on Long Island, we’ll be there for a few days while I’m finalizing all of the loan-based information and visiting with family. Another five hour drive back to here so we can begin packing up our things. By the following weekend we’ll be on our way to Ohio to make the purchase, do some cleaning up because the house has been there for six months untouched and is probably covered in dust, then we’ll be traveling back to Delaware to get the rest of our things and then make the move, his brother is going to follow us in the uHaul. There’s a lot of driving involved with this move and I have to say, it’s going to be pretty hard on us.

Knowing that we’re going to be on the road for a very long period of time, I’m kind of looking forward to the fact that I’ll be able to get some work done on my computer while he drives. To prolong the life of his already dying car, we’re going to take a rental to Ohio. Since this is an eight hour drive, I know that my laptop is going to be used pretty heavily and thankfully I have a car charger so that when my battery gets too low I can boot myself up. I’ll also be purchasing a notebook wireless card just so I can make the trip, I’m sure there is some kind of a prepaid option. My only issue is the inability to add my external to the plug we have because of the one-jack option it came with so I have no idea how I can access my external hard drive and there’s no real tell-tale sign that I’ll have enough plugs to work with once we get to the hotel room either.

RemotePCI’ve been looking into a few different remote access options because it may be easier to just leave the hard drive at home and then only access it when I really need to. I came across RemotePC, which is one of the leading remote access solutions for PCs. You can access your home computer from anywhere with an Internet connection and there’s currently a 30 day free trial before your $4.95 a month plan starts. I don’t intend to do any major design work while we’re finalizing the house based things but I would like to be able to get to my email without having to load it onto my laptop considering everything is saved on the external at the moment. It’s how I access my email from both the desktop and the laptop. With this program there’s also the option of holding a remote-meeting with 10 users sharing the same desktop. I think it’s pretty cool but I only need the one person to access my external at the moment – and that’s me…heh.


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