Too busy to think…

I don’t know what came over me over the course of the last few days but on top of the fact that I had absolutely no energy to do much of anything, I was also very busy, more than I think I ever have been in the past.

Sean and I found the absolute perfect house, it’s in the $120k range, which isn’t too bad because the mortgage is only going to run us about $1,000 a month. From there I figure all of the other bills are another $1,000 (estimated) so since we make about $4k a month, we should be able to handle things, without having to pinch the strings too tightly. If we can’t get the house, we’re going to head out to Ohio anyway and look into Apartments, that’s really the only option at this point so I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end.

We found a few apartments in the $700 range that include all utilities and you’re in a fairly large apartment. The complex is brand new so we’re not concerned with the ‘old smells’ of previous tenants, we’re just working on getting out there sometime in the next two weeks. This should be interesting.


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