The Season’s Started!

The football season has started, and it’s unfortunate that my Giants aren’t doing very well so far this year. They’re only two games into the season, maybe things will start changing around. If they happen to completely suck this year? Oh well, at least I’ll have fun yelling at the screen. I did some poking around for football related articles to catch up on what’s going on with the other teams in the league, as well as college football because I grew up on that as well. I found out today about a New Football Helmet that has Schutt ION 4D technology and SkyDex 2 padding. The thing that I found to be the most interesting about this helmet is the fact that they’re created with the same quality material that fighter pilots and paratroopers in the US military are using. So of course if it can protect our troops, it can certainly do a good job at protecting the heads of those keeping us entertained in the sporting world. Of course football celebrities aren’t the only ones using this kind of a product, everyone down to pee-wee football players are getting their hands on this kind of a product because of the extra level of safety. I don’t personally play football but as someone who’s anal-rententive in the face of bacteria, mold and mildew – knowing that the hi-tech padding included in this product makes me feel just a little bit bigger about the price tag attached to it.


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