Retouch This

Forget about taking the time to enhance every photo using your PC.  The new HP Photosmart R937 lets you organize and touch up your photos right on the camera.  At 3.6 inches, this digicam’s touchscreen is the largest in the industry.  Use its virtual keyboard and Vista-compatible tagging feature to label your photos, or associate an image with an e-mail address to mark it for your Outbox – all before you upload your pics.  The eight-megapixel R937 also features HP’s in-camera pet-eye and red-eye fix, panoramic photo stitching, and a slimming feature that can subtract ten pounds from your subjects.  With so many ways to improve your photos, you can delete that image-editing program and make room on your hard drive for more better-looking images.

Photosmart R937; $299;


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