I just came across a site called They offer some pretty sweet deals on everything from boating to electronics, outdoor equipment and tools. As far as electronics are concerned, they offer you everything from Furniture and Storage to Telephones. Since I’m the electronics junkie that I am, I found myself surfing around this particular category more than the others.

The other sections are loaded with everything one would need as far as Camping Equipment is concerned. I poked around the tents section based on the fact that Hubby is interested in taking me camping one day. I like to go overboard when it comes to sizing, which is probably the same reason as to why the bed we’ve just purchased is a King and the two of us could easily fit in the Queen. Instead of looking into two person tents I poked around the 3 person, just for the extra room. Right now there is an offer for a 3 person tent that weighs about 5 pounds. The center height of the tent is about 4 feet and it covers 48.2 sq ft as far as area is concerned, this should be more than cozy enough for the two of us. Its list price is about $280 but you can buy it from them for $162, that’s like $118 savings, how cool is that? A lot of the discounts I’ve seen are $50 and up and when it comes to a person on a budget, you can’t get much better than that.

The site itself could use a little bit of a template update, but this is coming from someone who’s very design conscious. It’s your basic e-Commerce driven site, but minus the template they certainly do get their point across with excellent pricing and larger graphics so you can really see what you’re looking into purchasing. I can’t tell you how many tiny images I’ve been through on other sites that have completely stopped me from making a purchase because I had no idea what things looked like without the zoom in option.

I did come across something rather cool while I was in my electronics search, the Brunton Solarroll 9. It’s used typically by those in nature who have items that need to be recharged, like cell phones and digital cameras, you can leave this waterproof 12″x40″ mat open and it comes with a max output of 9 watts so you can charge your products with the chords attached. It fits in a storage tube and only weighs about 10.6 ounces. Based on the description, it’s ideal for running satellite phones. So even in case of an emergency, you can still get the juice you need to get in touch with someone outside of the group to get the help you need.

Another thing that I’ve learned (and just too late at that) is a pair of headphones that I was looking into (somewhere in the $150-$200 range) are listed here for about $90. Based on the MSRP and their pricing, there’s a $135 difference and it’s safe to say I’m kicking myself in the pants for it because I don’t need them now…heh.

All in all it’s a very decent site, and I’d recommend it to anyone.


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