So instead of looking into real estate, I found myself getting sidetracked with Hawaii vacation rentals. I came across a three bedroom beach front villa that’s literally to die for. If I ever get to the point where my year-round home looked like this one, I’d probably be the most content person in the free world. It’s rather inexpensive to rent during the summer months. I assume that since December to January is a heavy holiday month, mixed with the cold, spending $800 a day isn’t such a bad deal.

I was easily side tracked again though, on the same site I came across San Diego vacation rentals and I’m also very interested in going to California considering I have family out there that I haven’t seen in ages. On top of that, who can seriously pass up a California sunset? But with Florida vacation rentals, who can pass up a sunrise? There are just too many options and it’s driving me bananas because I can’t make up my mind.

This is why I consider myself to be someone who’s very hard to please! There are so many gorgeous rentals available, most of which are beach front, and I’m sitting in the middle of farm land where the beach is about 6 miles away and I can’t see anything. Ocean views around here are more expensive than they would be in other states, and I just don’t understand why! Luckily it’s off-season here in Rehoboth, maybe I’ll get lucky. :hm:


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