We were rejected for a joint-personal loan based on the fact that we had nothing to put up as collateral.  I figured this was going to happen considering it’s a high risk loan and while we do have a fairly decent income, he hasn’t earned anything as a freelancer for the two years that many lenders require.  This is great to know for next year, but it certainly doesn’t help us out right now.  We added up the numbers tonight, it’s going to cost us around $3,000 to cover everything from the cost of moving, to first and last months rent, as well as the hookup of all utilities.  It would be great of money could just fall from the sky but I know that anything you really want or need requires being worked on.  He’s taking the easy route with the loans, I’ve always had to work to get towards everything.  I just hope that’s something he’ll learn to understand over time.

We’re unsure of how long this new place is going to be on the market.  As far as being approved to live in the complex is concerned, that’s already done.  His brother spoke to the manager for us, so at least that’s taken care of in advance.  It’s owning this particular place that’s the issue.  I know that by the first I’ll have about $1,000 in my bank account to go towards this, and it’s not like we wouldn’t make enough money where we couldn’t pay back the loan.  It’s just the fact of getting to Ohio that’s the current issue for us.  The thing that’s holding us back is the moving costs, and the uncertainty of being approved to live in this place.  It’s currently being maintained by the original owners children.  It wasn’t a public listing because it’s a very family oriented complex where word-of-mouth is typically the only way that something like this is going to sell.

I’m drained, I think that’s my problem right now.  It’s not that I don’t want to get out of my current living situation, because I really do. I just think it would be easier to accomplish it if more money was coming in. Sure, once we have the place bills are going to be in the $1200 a month range, and Sean and I (combined) earn about $4,500 a month.  It’s the fact that the bulk of our money is in escrow at the moment, and with my other bills being paid, having everything we need just isn’t going to happen.

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