Printer is finally up and running!

Sean has finally setup the printer in the office. He also went out of his way to setup the scanner as well. This is a task that we’ve been trying to accomplish for the last few months of even BEING in this office, so naturally I was surprised when I found out about it. He’s been keeping busy, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, the printer is out of ink at the moment but after scouring the Internet for the last half hour, I was able to locate a few very affordable cartridges and that’s just gravy!

I’ve gone through ink-discount sites in the past, but finding one that isn’t listing “Discount” every other word is naturally making me rather happy. I came across and a cartridge for his model is only going to run me about $4. I was shocked considering every other site I’d come across, including the “Discount” ones were asking for $15+ for this particular model because it’s an “old” printer. I’m not sure how old the actual printer model is but I’m not going to walk away from a very good deal on ink, you know?

I don’t do as much printing as I used to, mainly because I use spreadsheets for just about everything. We networked everything so I don’t have to move him out of his chair if I need to print something. We were using the printer in the kitchen for quite some time but were unable to network the printer linked to a Vista computer to the XP based setups we have here in the office. Either way all is right with our little world, and things in here are actually going to be useful for more than just collecting dust.


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