For the past few days I’ve been building up a pretty large list of things that we’re going to have to purchase when we move into our own place. A lot of the items are going to be a requirement before we even make the move in regards to plates and small kitchen based items, so I could probably just pick up a few pots and pans from Walmart or something before we go. This way I at least have the ability to make something our first night there. The rest is just things that I’d like to pick up over time. A coffee maker is a very important item and will more than likely be our first purchase. It’s impossible for me to function without coffee in the morning, and I refuse to drop $1.50 at 7-11 three to four times a day just so I can get my fix. I found a really nice one at Target for like $65.00, I may actually buy that the second we know when we’re getting out to Ohio considering I have a $100 gift card that’s yet to be used.

With the kitchen based items aside, I’ve been looking into a lot of other things as well. Mainly Bedding because I’d like to have one room to myself that I can just sit back and relax and having a nice setup in there would be the big thing for me. Everyone is entitled to have one area of their own home where they can really just sit back, relax and forget about all of their cares in the world. I already have the big fluffy bed that I’ve always wanted, I just hope to now have it in a larger room where I can get an end table on my side (the only one we have is currently on Sean’s due to his meds and his needing to put his glasses somewhere when he goes to bed). We have the shelving for my TV, we’re looking to purchase more depending on what kind of storage we have. We’ve been told that this place has built-in dressers but to save on floor space I may allow Sean to go at them with a sledge hammer and get rid of them.

Vision Bedding I managed to find some pretty interesting bedding though. There’s a site online called Vision Bedding where you can send in a picture and they’ll blow it up and either stitch it or print it onto the bedding of your choice. I think it’d be kind of sweet to have a throw pillow with our Engagement picture on it, or even take one of Bella and make a personalized pillow for her little bed, not that she actually uses the pillow but it’s decoration either way. She always winds up sleeping on top of mine because she insists on sleeping above my head, so I figure having one with her face on it would make it even more like “her” pillow, you know? I was even thinking of a fleece throw for the couch, there are just so many options and limited spending at the moment. I’m not the kind of person that likes to load up on unnecessary items, I don’t horde anything but paperwork at this point. I’m a ‘basics’ kind of person but knowing that we’re going to be in a very cold environment, having a few extra blankets around the house for those cold winter nights, isn’t such a bad idea.


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