Point of Sale

I don’t know of one business anywhere in the world that isn’t using some form of a computer in order to help maintain their business. Machines have leaped into the technological age and there isn’t one on the market that doesn’t have some kind of a computer back-end. Even the registers at your local supermarket are equipped with an LCD monitor and cool images that show up on the screens during all aspects of the sale. So naturally it’s no surprise to know that there are other companies out there with refurbished products available to businesses and corporations around the world.

Point of SaleThis evening I came across Vision Point of Sale (visionpos.com). Through this company you can purchase all of the used point of sale equipment that your heart desires. Most supermarkets, for example, use ibm pos equipment. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a market with some kind of a Dell setup but I’m also living in what most would consider to be “Lower Slower Delaware” so who knows if there’s just a time delay or if people know that IBM builds solid machines and even refurbs are better than Dell, hands down. Another one that I found was NCR point of sale equipment, featured to the left, can also be used to help out your business. If you’re looking into POS equipment then check out visionpos.com.


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