October’s Coming!

October is just around the corner. While my birthday falls on the 22nd, I care more about the 31st. This is when all of the Halloween costumes come out of the closet for display on any and everyone you can find. I’ve always loved Halloween, there’s so many things to do that it puts every other holiday on the back burner for me. I see it as the only holiday that Hallmark hasn’t completely taken over. You buy a few bags of candy for the kids, you travel to the best Haunted House in your area, you dress up in the costumes that bring out the most freaky side of your personality and you completely run with it. It’s the only time of year where you can dress up as a Vampire in public and not have someone staring you down.

I’ve been poking around CostumeCauldron.com in search for a few different costume ideas. I think I’ll be simple this year and just go with a funky wig and some random make-up. I don’t know how much preparation time I’m going to have by the end of October. If loans come through and I own the house, I’m going to put a lot of effort into getting things up and running.  This doesn’t mean that there won’t be numerous decorations and two snazzy people floating around for when the kids start showing up at the door.  Maybe a few ghosts will drop in to make the night extra interesting, who knows!

I’m not sure if what route I’m going to take this year, costume wise. Sean may go as a Leprechaun but that’s because he’s proud of his Irish heritage. It’s not like he doesn’t have the material either. He was even thinking of crossing a Samurai and a Leprechaun, considering his recent sword purchase. We’re more than likely going to be in Ohio for Halloween, there’s this massive Haunted House that Sean considers to be the best one he’s ever seen and he and I have both been to some pretty good ones, so for him to say that this place trumps the rest – it’s got to be good.


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