Not moving fast enough…

Instead of taking out a mortgage, we put a stop on that and are now working on just a personal loan to cover the moving fees to the new place. We’re almost certain that the place inside of his brothers complex is the one that we’re going to be looking into, but we’ve kept the other options open as well. The one place that was looking the best, however, really won’t work out very well for us at all. A lot of the apartments in the towns we were considering are now changing over to Section 8, and I personally refuse to live there if we’re the only ones who will actually be paying out of pocket unlike the rest of the tenants.

So we’re looking into an unsecured personal loan. We know that the loan will be paid back long before the 36 months we requested, but this is based on the fact that a lot of our income is in escrow until the first of the month so that puts a damper on the fact that we just want to pack up and go to get out of here. Based on what I’ve read, however, unsecured loans is also considered to be High Risk Loans. I went through lord knows how many articles, including one that tells you exactly what to consider when considering high risk loans. I would have gone with a secured loan through a regular bank but I really didn’t want to go through the waiting period, nor did I have anything to put up as collateral.

We really just want to get out of here. No matter how many sites I actually go through for help on understanding things, I still just want to get up and go. The only reason for the loan is the moving costs, we don’t really know how much the uHaul is going to run us, plus there’s the 8 hour drive on top of it. Sean doesn’t even know how we’re going to get the car out there. I told him just to hitch it up but he’s not a truck driver by any means. I’ve also considered PODS. They drop the pod off, pick it up when you’re done loading it and then drop it off at the place you’re relocating to. The issue is the fact that it would be loaded same day, and hopefully delivered same day. I just don’t know if they actually do that. The desks aren’t important because the computers will be in the car, plus we’ll have our laptops. It’s the bed that’s the issue, and I refuse to sleep on the floor in an apartment that’s been there since the early 80’s, lord knows what’s on the carpet.

Maybe a night in a hotel room would be the better option?


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