Morpheus Photo-Morpher

PPPI just downloaded a new program called Morpheus Photo-Morpher. It gives you the ability to morph numerous images together into one larger image. I’ve seen a few instances of it being used as a photographic time line and part of me thinks it would be a great resource for those creating digital scrap books. I’ve seen a lot of people use time lines where they go to other websites, load in all the images, and then embed a flash image into their page. The cool thing is you can save these morphs in any file type that you wish, I used a .gif for example, and then embed a single template/image on your page and you don’t have to go through an outside source in order to do it.

Morpheus Photo-Morpher Even though it’s user friendly, it was a little hard to get into how to go about using the controls. I think I’m so used to products like Photoshop where everything is really a static image, that using the little dots to get the right sections to morph can really be interesting. By default, since everything I created looked absolutely horrible. I took one of their premade morphs in order to see how they went about doing it and that’s the one I have listed to the left. I have to say, it’s a really cool program. I just need to figure out the DOTS option on just to get it to work for me.

I think it’s worth checking out. Once you fiddle with a few moments of trial and error, it’s pretty easy to figure out. It’s only about $29.95, worth the price tag if you’re someone who sees a benefit in moving images. Heck, I already figured out a few different ways of use for clients, so I’ll benefit me as well in the future.


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