Local or National?

I’ve spent the last few hours looking into many different options regarding an internet service once we move.  There’s a local service that has a triple-play option with TV/Internet/Phone for approximately $130 a month.  The thing is, I’m not overly fond of a VoIP system based on the fact that I like to have a LAN line in the house in case of an emergency.  Living in a blizzard heavy state is something I consider an emergency, honestly.  So I’ve been looking into Verizon because they also offer a triple-play option but I know that the phone service isn’t VoIP based, it’s a land line and that makes me rather happy.  Their option comes with satellite TV, FIOS internet and a real phone line.

Which option would you consider? They’re both in the same price range, I know that much.


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  1. internet phones these days have very powerful and nice features, i bet they would add some more value added features in the fut ::

  2. i would love to see a massive price drop on internet phones coz i like to buy lots of em *;.

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