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Today I came across an Internet Marketing and SEO company that seems to be pretty good at what they can offer you. They offer a few different options. They’re an Advertising Company where you can Add Your Link or even Buy Text Links. Typically when I see SEO companies claiming to get you higher rankings on Google and just more hits in general, they typically have very low to non-existent ranking scores. As of right now this company is a PR6 which isn’t bad considering I’ve been working extremely hard just to maintain the PR5 that I have here. I’d kill to be a PR6 or even a PR7 for that matter but I know A LOT of work is involved there, and eventually everything I’m doing now will pay off.

This particular company offers a few different services, everything from the typical search engine optimization to web site promotion and design services. I personally don’t like to say anything bad about another company but code validation does help with rankings, being as the bots can fish through it easier, and the site itself is full of errors, but that’s ok because they still manage to get their point across.

I’ve dabbled in quite a bit of SEO work in the past, so I understand how hard it can be to get ones site pushed ahead in rankings. There’s the links, keywords and many other aspects that some new-comers can find overwhelming. I will say that it’s really not has hard as one would think though. You really just have to pay close attention to link relevance. If you’re a technology related website, but you have yourself linked on a clothing related website, more than likely it won’t help you out, unless of course they’re a PR9 and you’re linked on the main page where they get over 100,000 hits a day. The chance of that happening is pretty slim though.


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