Hopefully we’ll get somewhere SOON

Hubby and I are really beginning to push for the loan, so much so that he’s now working on taking one out in his name in hopes to bring in some more money so we can get the hell out of here. We’re just finished with this house, and having our own is the only real option right now. He’s been looking into everywhere from Salisbury, MD to North Lima, OH. We’ve even considered Vermont and Pennsylvania. Either way there’s an estimated $150,000 to spend and we have absolutely no idea where it’s going.

Our rush is based on the fact that holidays are coming up and we’d like to be settled in before Halloween based on the fact that Hubby wants to do some big setup and decorate, Halloween really is his favorite holiday so he’s really pushing to do some serious work on the house for the ‘event’. I’ve been poking around with my coupon codes just to see if I can find a deal on anything because we found this six-foot tall dude in Walmart so I’ve been looking around for Walmart deals to save a little bit of extra money.  I’m also looking around for Target Coupon Codes as well, they’ve got some really cool deals, and I already have a gift certificate that I can use as well.

While he’s searching for Halloween items, I’m looking for important house-hold items like bedding, some smaller furniture that would be cheaper through Walmart and then odds and ends here and there just so we can be in a livable environment. I do need to invest in pots and pans as well as other things that I’ve been using here and can’t bring with me. Small kitchen appliances are important as well. Basically anything you’d be given as a wedding gift is what I’d need, honestly.

I know it’ll all work itself out in the end, there’s just a lot to think about as well as even more to pack up. It could get complicated, but I don’t think it’s anything we can’t handle.

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