Furniture Shopping

PPPI just came across a Furniture website that offers everything from bar counter stools, to beds. The website itself seems a little plain to me but this is based on the fact that every site I seem to come across these days (in the retail world) has flash images that morph in and out and just annoy the living heck out of me. This particular store gets right to the point, and you have to like that about them.

Now, I look at furniture on a regular basis. Mainly based on the fact that my mother in-law works in a furniture store so I’m always peaking around to see what’s going on, and what I’d like to have in my own house. Ashley, Vonne Bassett and many other brands tend to easily tickle my fancy. Sean and I just recently purchased a new Restonic mattress, so now I’m in the mood to do some shopping for a frame. It’s just a shame that nothing would actually FIT in my bedroom. There’s loads of Furniture on this site though. I browsed through just about everything, I found some very nice Dining Room Furniture that sparked my interest, and even a Storage Bed considering my dream of having a massive King-sized bed is slowly turning into a reality.

Moving past all of that stuff, I have to say that I found their site to be pretty nicely put together. Everything is clearly labeled and I may even sign up for their catalog considering the upcoming purchases I’ll be making with my new home (:crosses fingers:)


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