Paintball = Fun!

PPPIf you’re someone that drools whenever you pass a paintball store, then the following resource is for you. Today I came across a site that specializes in paintball guns, paintball gun parts, paintball equipment, paintball gear, milsim paintball and just paintballs in general. For quite some time I’ve been interested in paintball. I’ve shot an actual gun before, but this was mainly for target practice and a few bulls-eyes later, I have to say I was really loving the experience. I hear that paintball is a lot of fun. There are the moving targets that I’d love to get a feeling of, especially in a ‘battle’ type of situation. If you’re of the appropriate age then I think it could be fun for the whole family. I know a lot of kids that play war games and I know for sure that when they get to be around 13-15 years old, and they can handle holding an actual gun their parents will more than likely take them out on the course for a day. I just wish I could go with them….heh.



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