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Self ImprovementPPPI was putzing around on PPP and I came across a listing for a self improvement test. Being interested in almost everything I read, I found myself loading the link and taking the test. There were a few basic questions, mainly from the first person and second person point of views. How do I perceive myself, how do others perceive me. The questions you would typically see on a test like this.

I didn’t have to write any big answers down, it was filling out bubbles from the 1-7 range. 1 is a strong disagree, 4 is a neutral and then 7 naturally is a strong agreement with the statement being made. I’m not sure if email is acting funny or what but I was told at the beginning of the test that my results would be emailed to me. So I’m unsure if I’m actually reading them right now or not (based on the page shown in my browser) there’s a notice telling me that I could live in the top 2% of Americans. According to them, “2% of Americans set the trend for food, clothes, cars and entertainment”. Personally, for me this means that the media has way too much control over things but I’m not even going to bother with that argument right now.

This is what my test results were ( I think )

While hard work is certainly instrumental in attaining success, it is useless without discipline. Discipline is the ability to set goals, manage one’s time, measure results, and maintain overall balance in life.

You may like to refer to yourself as “free-spirited,” but in actuality, your schedule tends to be more of a disaster. With a tendency to toward procrastination and lack of planning, you could use a good lesson in time management.

It’s more than just hard work, it’s holding on to the dream. Though life comes at you hard sometimes, every person must have an instinct to press on and dream big. Regardless of what you do, it is only success when you have done your best.

Although you are always enthusiastic about your goals, you also tend to be practical in your approach to accomplishing them. All passion can lead to disaster without the proper forethought.

Risk is not always a matter of rolling the dice, and in this case, our goal is to measure one’s willingness to step out of the “comfort zone.” Success often requires change, and the road is often paved with new challenges that defy complacency.

While you’re always up for a good adventure, you’ve learned to wisely temper the thrills with a bit of discretion. You’ve undoubtedly had a few failures that have made you less likely to “dive in without testing the water” first these days.

“You are what you think about,” so the saying goes, and it is no surprise that happy people are, well, just happier. This category of optimism includes both internal and external sources of positive affirmation (i.e., self-esteem, confidence, self-image, spiritual acuity, etc.).

You’ve got a pretty good attitude about life, and while others view you as positive and approachable, you require time away from people. You prefer to surround yourself with quality rather than quantity.

Interpersonal Skills
Relationships are pivotal to overall success, and that not only includes personal relationships, but also the ability to deal with people. Negotiating. Selling. Public speaking. Regardless of your trade, these factors are all necessary for ultimate success.

Face it, you’re just not an extrovert, and depending on your career track, that could be a problem. While you do enjoy a certain amount of interaction with people, you’re most comfortable in small groups or one-on-one.

The “conclusion” noted that I probably learned something new about myself, and/or confirmed things that I already knew about myself as well. I personally didn’t need a quiz to tell me about what I know and don’t know about the way I do things, or just how I live in general, but there are many people out there who don’t, not that I’m considering myself as someone who’s better than them – I just spend a lot of time thinking things over either business wise or just about what’s going on in my head in general.

Take the test, it’s free and maybe you’ll learn something. It only took me about 3 minutes, it’s simply checking off a few bubbles here and there and going from there.



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