Sean and I are having trouble deciding where we intend to move. We know for sure that wherever we wind up, we’re going to not only own the home but the land itself. For a while we’ve been looking into modular communities in the area, but I don’t believe spending $120,000 on a house and then spending about $1500 a month in bills, $500 of which is LOT RENT, would really be worth it considering renting the land means that the house will depreciate in value over the course of six months at the rate of real estate in the area.

I really want to own my own land, on top of owning the house, and unfortunately the only option at this point would be to spend like $15,000 in Ohio on a 1-3 acre lot, and then spend another $80,000 on having a manufactured home put onto the land. I’ve found numerous models that interest me, one of which I believe to be absolutely perfect. It’s called “The Titan” it’s manufactured by Champion Homes, who I feel are the absolute best in the business based on how many I’ve walked through. Their floor plans are excellent, their choice of materials as far as kitchens and bathrooms are concerned would make any women swoon. I just hope that getting to the point of OWNING something isn’t going to be so difficult for longer than anticipated.

I’m just beginning to get fed up with the whole process. Either way, no matter what we decide to do, Sean and I need to come up with approximately $1500 a month in order to live. Considering our combined income is in the $3500-$4000 range, this shouldn’t be an issue. I just wish the banks worked quicker, and the internet wasn’t filled with so many sites that are filled with wrong information on the homes we’ve seen.


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