Debt Solutions

An important aspect of getting the best loan possible while we search for a home, is making sure that all of the credit cards are taken care of because a bad credit score is what’s putting a damper on Hubby getting a loan to the same degree that I’m eligible for. He was approved for a card when he was about 17 and now it’s to the point that I’ve sidetracked some of my loan searches with Credit Card Consolidation. Now, he only owes about $2500 in total on two cards, this is still an outstanding balance, no matter how large or small so it’s really not helping us both out at the moment. I can easily get a loan for up to $50,000 but that’s because I’ve made it a point to maintain a decent credit score.

I do think any kind of debt relief, even if it’s just Credit Card Consolidation for starts, is a good idea. I’ve been looking through many resources, mainly and am finding it very easy to use their site in regards to what steps need to be taken in order to not only help Hubby at the moment, but to help me in the future to easily figure out just what I need to do, budget wise, to pay back the loan in a timely manor and not worry about excess charges in the process.


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