Daily Grind

I’m having trouble deciding what I’d like to do today. Sean asked me if I was interested in going out a little while ago but I refused, then I took a shower and now I’m kind of half/half if I actually would like to go anywhere. I know I’m hungry, but I’m sick of wasting money on food when I could probably just throw some chicken in the oven and wait a while for it. I’m just not in the mood to cook. I’ve only been eating about once a day and now I’m going on 24 hours since I’ve had anything. The only thing in my stomach at this point is probably a few sips of water from when I woke up this afternoon.

It could be the house-guests, I don’t know. It’s hard to get around the kitchen during the day so I just don’t bother. Last night we all sat down and had a huge bbq and even then there’s a lot of left overs, none of which are appealing to me at the moment. I do know that I need to get over to Kmart and pick up some string for the weed whacker but who knows if that was already purchased today or not. I get lost in stores, not that I actually purchase anything – I just like to look around I guess. It keeps me busy. I should probably hit up the New Releases section because there are a few books I’m interested in reading. I just don’t remember their names off hand. Yea, I know that sounds strange but I have a photographic memory so unless it’s described to me, I have no idea what the title is. That part is usually blurred.

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