Cleaning Out

In preparation for the move, Sean and I have both been going through a lot of our things to lighten the load.  I personally think it’s easier to get rid of all of the unwanted items now, so they don’t take up room on the uhaul and need to “dealt with” while we’re in the process of unpacking everything.  As of right now, the office is going to be the bulk of our efforts because everything is housed in there, whether we realize it or not.  You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you start going through it all.  I’m going through quite a bit of paperwork from school.  I can’t tell you how many Term Papers and Research Papers in general that I did well on but have completely forgotten about over the course of the last few years.

With this paperwork being fresh on my mind, I went poking around the Internet to find a site where I could give my original papers to someone so that other students could use them as examples when writing theirs.  I only ever saved papers that received an A+/100% grade, so they aren’t just some random scribblings that were good enough to pass.  I was unable to locate anything but I did find, they’re a pretty solid resource if you’re interested in a Custom Term Paper.

Now, I’m not saying that you should depend on having someone else do your work for you but when you’re going after any kind of a degree, it’s hard to get all of the information you could need on the topic you need to write about.  It’s also close to impossible to balance multiple courses when each of them require a 1500 word essay as your final grade. It could really put a damper on things.  A site like is there for those of you who really need a solid example of what a good paper is going to look like upon completion.

If you choose to submit an original essay, being as it’s written specifically for YOU then that’s your choice.  Just make sure you at least read over it in case a few questions come up from your professor.  Trust me, teachers are more computer savvy than you may realize.  I’m sure there are many sites like these on their lists.


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