Car Modification

Knowing that we’re moving in upcoming months, with the loan amount we’re looking to receive, we’re also working on getting a new car. I’m not talking something brand new that’s coming right from the factory, something older than the ’95 Beretta we have now. On top of that, in order to cut down on a lot of moving costs we’re considering a truck that we can just hitch a UHaul to and then go from there. Either way my interest in cars has been re-sparked, and my interest in car modification has also been surfaced.

I was poking around the web and came across DriveWire, they’ve been one of the leading online retailers of auto parts and accessories. Basically with everything from an Alignment Kit to an Eibach Pro Kit, specifically the Mustang Eibach Pro Kit considering my love of all things MUSTANG. They’re an authorized wholesale distributor of Eibach Springs. They have a HUGE inventory and fairly low prices, plus free shipping on top of that.

I don’t personally know much about cars. I’m fully aware of how to change a tire, but that was something I learned very young in life because while my father never had boys as children, he knew the importance of teaching girls, at a young age, how exactly to get out of a jam and take care of themselves. With this learning also came the ability to check fluids, change the oil and the basics of pumping gas and things like that. My sister, to this day, still can’t figure out how to get the gas cap off of her Cavalier. Which of course I think is a shame, but whatever. I know I can do it and we’re a few states away from each other so now she’s got to learn.

My love of Mustangs stemmed from this teaching. My father has had mustangs basically all his life until recently. His first new car was a ’65 Ford Mustang Fastback. That joy was short lived because of a pretty nasty accident (thanks to a run-away drunk in a pick-up unfortunately) and since then he’s gone through a few ‘fix-ups’ here and there. Now he’s switched over to Jeep but it’s more practical considering it’s a daily car. If he ever was to pick up another mustang he’d want a classic that he can keep stored in a garage for weekend driving.

Hopefully one day I’ll be rich enough to give him that garage.


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