Awaiting Approval

For the past few days we’ve patiently been waiting to hear from HSBC in regards to our loan. We couldn’t get the house, we didn’t put the bid in on time and it’s off the market. We found a few other options, a few of which were rentals. I’ve never been to Ohio so I can’t say that I’m going to like it there, so I believe us not getting this house was just the sign telling us to rent first. We’ve looked into a few options, his brother has a place available in his complex. We couldn’t find it online because it’s a “family” based community for word-of-mouth sales, so we got in touch with him at just the right time because this place has been open for like 6 months, it’d only cost us about $500 a month in regards to all of the utilities and the unit itself so that really isn’t such a bad deal considering we’ll be able to start up some kind of a savings account. I just hope it all works out.


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