And the shopping continues…

PPPI haven’t made any purchases yet, I’ve just been adding random things to the bookmarks.  At this point there’s more on the list than their is space in the house we’re looking into so naturally these are going to be future purchases.  I just like wide open floor plans and filling a house with unnecessary items really makes no sense to me.  So instead of the floors, I’ve been looking towards filling up the walls with funky artwork.  I like a lot of different materials but I’m partial to iron wall art because there’s just something about it that I can’t resist.  I’ve been doing some poking around because they have some pretty interesting items up for grabs.  I kind of wish their Mirrors section was up and running but I’m sure by the time I go to actually make a purchase, they’ll have it up.  I like Mirrors, especially funky looking ones.  Right now I’m perfectly content with having the over-the-door one in the bedroom, but a nice artsy one in the living room, or even in the hallway wouldn’t be such a bad deal.  I like mirrors, they help out during the day when it comes to lighting situations.  Typically if you position a few at the right angle, you can conserve on electricity and keep the lights off during the day.  The mirrors allow everything to bounce around and that’s just fine for me.  I do my reading at night anyway, I’m content with a small lamp right next to the couch – heh.


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