Acting Up

My cell has been acting up for the last few days and I wish I knew why.  I know it’s not the service because Hubby is under the same plan and his phone is working just fine.  I just don’t like not having the ability to make a phone call unless I flick the antenna.  I think it’s because of how crappy the phone is, I don’t use it that often.  It’s not scratched up,  I’ve never dropped it.  I just wish I could figure out what was wrong.  Maybe it’s time to take a trip and get things changed over.  I’ve wanted a new phone for a while,  hopefully I can get that done before the move.  I don’t like not having  a phone,  I also know that their more than likely won’t be a land-line at the house, I think having two cell phones is more than good enough for me.

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