Local or National?

I’ve spent the last few hours looking into many different options regarding an internet service once we move.  There’s a local service that has a triple-play option with TV/Internet/Phone for approximately $130 a month.  The thing is, I’m not overly fond of a VoIP system based on the fact that I like to have a LAN line in the house in case of an emergency.  Living in a blizzard heavy state is something I consider an emergency, honestly.  So I’ve been looking into Verizon because they also offer a triple-play option but I know that the phone service isn’t VoIP based, it’s a land line and that makes me rather happy.  Their option comes with satellite TV, FIOS internet and a real phone line. Which option would you consider? They’re both in the same price range, I know that much….

What happened to Halloween?

Sean and I tend to look into everything with a bit of overkill. We’re unsure of whether or not we’ll be settled in by Halloween so with that in mind we’re already planning for Christmas. For many years I’ve been accustomed to a large tree filled with beautiful twinkling lights, heaps of ornaments and surrounded by any possible Christmas decoration there is. I personally prefer a large green tree with multi-colored lights, the more traditional approach. Sean’s mother likes white trees with white lights, which I personally find gaudy, but if that’s her personal taste – then so be it. All of my ornaments are up in New York and I don’t want to take that away from my father because I’m starting my own life somewhere else, so Sean and I are going to work from the ground up…

One Tiny Tablet

With the Fujitsu Lifebook UB10, you can have it all: portability, versatility, and style.  This convertible mini notebook weighs a mere 1.6 pounds and features a 5.6-inch WSVGA Crystal View display.  Twist the screen to use this device as a Tablet PC, or flip it back to uncover the newly designed ultra-slim QWERTY keyboard (aluminum plated for extra durability) and work on the U810 as a traditional notebook.  An 800-MHz Intel A110 processor, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth will keep you productive on the go, and the four-cell battery supplies up to 5.5 hours of juice. Fujitsu Lifebook U810; starting at $999; www.fujitsu.com/us Technorati: Fujitsu Lifebook U810, Fujitsu, Computers, Laptops

Travel and Remote Access

Over the course of the next few weeks, Sean and I are going to be doing quite a bit of driving. First is a five hour trip north to my fathers house on Long Island, we’ll be there for a few days while I’m finalizing all of the loan-based information and visiting with family. Another five hour drive back to here so we can begin packing up our things. By the following weekend we’ll be on our way to Ohio to make the purchase, do some cleaning up because the house has been there for six months untouched and is probably covered in dust, then we’ll be traveling back to Delaware to get the rest of our things and then make the move, his brother is going to follow us in the uHaul. There’s a lot of driving involved with…

High-Def, Hold the Shakes

Panasonics new HDC-SD5 is more than just the worlds smallest and lightest 3CCD full-HD camcorder.  The device, which weighs less than a pound, records AVCHD video at 1920×1080 pixel resolution and features Advanced OIS, which means your footage will be a steady as it is sharp.  An 8GB SDHC Pro Card can hold 80 minutes of video of maximum quality.  This comcorder is so smart, it captures the action before you press a button.  The Pre-Rec function continuously records three seconds of video to an internal buffer memory. Panasonic HDC-SD5; $999; www.panasonic.com Technorati: Panasonic, Panasonic HDC-SD5

Point of Sale

I don’t know of one business anywhere in the world that isn’t using some form of a computer in order to help maintain their business. Machines have leaped into the technological age and there isn’t one on the market that doesn’t have some kind of a computer back-end. Even the registers at your local supermarket are equipped with an LCD monitor and cool images that show up on the screens during all aspects of the sale. So naturally it’s no surprise to know that there are other companies out there with refurbished products available to businesses and corporations around the world. This evening I came across Vision Point of Sale (visionpos.com). Through this company you can purchase all of the used point of sale equipment that your heart desires. Most supermarkets, for example, use ibm pos equipment. I don’t think…


I just upgraded WordPress to the latest stable version (via Fantastico at least).  I’m waiting patiently for version 2.3 to be made available for Fantastico so I can play around with that version, there were a lot of interesting features added that I’m interested in trying out.  Most of it is TinyMCE based because there are supposedly hidden features in earlier versions that you can now access with 2.3.  It’s worth checking out for all of you wordpress fans.  I’ve been using WordPress for years, I started using it when it was first created by Cafelog as B2.  Now there’s B2Evolution which is nice and all but when you’re only running one blog and you have the features of a complete CMS program – WordPress is really the way to go. Technorati: WordPress, Upgrades

Winter wolves

I’ve been doing some surfing around the ‘net for some new pc games to play. I’ve kind of gotten sick of the ones that I’ve been playing on a regular basis recently. You can only play Snood for so long before you want to actually throw shrunken multi-colored heads around. I came across Winter Wolves, it’s a newer site where you can download a few different games. I downloaded Quizland because I’m more into puzzle games than anything. I downloaded the trial because I don’t see a point in paying for something before I try it. I’ve only ever done that once and it was based on the fact that it was software that I knew I needed to have. I don’t even think I remember the name, now that I think of it. So I downloaded this game called…

Sony Walkman S600 and A800 Series

After a few false starts, Sony is firing two shots across Apple’s bow with its latest flash-based music players, both of which play music, photos, and videos and offer Clear Audio Technologies for enhanced sound quality.  The A800 and S600 leave the lame Sony Connect store behind and support AAC, MP3 and WMA files.  They also sync with the more popular Windows Media Player 11 and work with all the major online music stores under that umbrella (including Napster, Urge and Yahoo).  The A800 features a two-inch QVGA LCD (good for watching video) and comes in white, black, silver and pink.  The sportier S600 features a smaller 1.8-inch display and includes an FM tuner.  This model comes in black, pink, red, and silver and has a soft-touch finish. Sony Walkman S600 Series; $120 (2GB), $160 (4GB), $210 (8GB) Sony Walman…

You Can Submit!

When surfing around the Internet you come across many different things that can easily spark your interest. Lately for me it’s been all about home improvement with my upcoming purchase, but at the same time I do still have work in mind and everything from search engine marketing to blogging and even podcasting still sparks my interest. For a while now I’ve been interested in podcasting, this is mainly due to the recent rise in it, it’s a lot easier than typing things out – I’ll tell you that much. There are so many different programs that you can use to record your podcast and while some take the approach of doing verbal interviews with someone (as opposed to the AIM based ones that many have done in the past). It also takes less time to get your point across…