World Travel: Bahamas

Traveling all over the world has always been something of interest to me. The thing is, I’d like to get around the US before I head over to Europe, you know?

BahamasThere are many exotic places in the North America’s that I’ve always found interesting. Sure, there’s Hawaii which is gorgeous, but that’s not really on the same level of being exotic that I’m interested in. I want to go to places like Aruba and even The Bahamas. Friends and family have been going to these places for years and I’d pounce on any opportunity I’d get. I’ve looked through numerous photos taken from visitors, and even just ones that I’ve found on websites in their dedication and I tend to drool over them. I mean, look at this image to the side. How can you not find this beautiful? Water that isn’t polluted and sand that isn’t covered in garbage. You can sit in the sun without a care in the world and be in one of the most relaxing settings in the world!

I don’t know, it could just be the fact that I’ve been itching to get out of the house for the last few days but I think if someone handed me a ticket and said “Go” I’d drop everything I was doing and walk out the door.


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