Working out the kinks

I’m still fiddling with the dual-monitors. I know, it seems to be my only topic of discussion today but trust me, there’s a reason for it. I’m starting to get used to how things are working out. Email/Chat to the right and work to the left. Thankfully, with Active Desktop there’s the ability to have two completely different backgrounds which is nice considering I tend to alternate them so frequently that I don’t get to use them for a long amount of time when I change things. So now I can display two at once and hopefully that’ll stop me from changing things so often.

The thing I’m trying to figure out now is the ability to get my screen saver to show up on both screens. I have XP Plus so I use the Aquarium screen saver, there are some cute little fish floating around my screen – I’m just trying to get them to show up on both but unfortunately I’m unable to locate anything on ANY search engine explaining how to do it. There are screen savers of the same caliber that actually work on multiple screens but I like mine too much to get rid of it, and I certainly don’t need banner ads randomly popping up due to whatever one I’d install that’s weighed down with Spyware.

Hopefully I’ll figure something out sooner or later, typically when the screen saver kicks on I’m not even in the room. But if I happen to be playing the Wii or even straightening up, it would be nice to see a huge fish tank on my desk instead of a tank to the left and a blank screen on the right!

If you, or anyone you know for that matter, know anything about how to do this without having to just download a new set of screen savers, a comment or an email would be greatly appreciated.


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