Wii Elbow!

I’ve been playing the Wii for two days straight, so naturally I’m going to have something to say about it.

First off, I’m in a lot of pain. Even as someone who works out on a regular basis I found a few of the games to be very exhausting. The Wii itself came with it’s default WiiSports which included Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing. I found Boxing to be the most painful for me considering just how much work it required in the long run. I played 9 straight rounds and by the time I was done my heart was beating out of my chest. For quite some time I considered taking up kick boxing as something to do just to get the stress out now that I own the Wii, however, I don’t think I’m going to be making that monthly payment.

After a while of playing the WiiSport with just the one controller, we decided to head over to EBGames and pick up WiiPlay. It’s $50 and houses quite a few mini games. One of which is the equivalent of duck hunt and another one is you and a partner (or by yourself) ride a cow down a path and collect scarecrows for points. The second controller is mine, I already skinned it in pink and I did the same for the nunchuk.

I’m now addicted to Bowling, I’ve figured out a secret for consecutive strikes and if I was able to do this in an actualy bowling alley then maybe I wouldn’t be such a bad sport about losing. I’ve managed to kick Sean’s butt in quite a few games and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I’ll have more info later…we did pick up another game but it would take me way too long to talk about.


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