Why I hate the iPhone.

Yes, I literally do find the iPhone to be completely useless technology – no matter how much hype surrounds it.

I support any technology based company who pushes themselves forward and are constantly coming up with new ideas. This is why some feel as though the iPhone should be the new standard in gadgets. Now, many people have been surfing the web and snapping pictures through their phone for years. The screen sizes were limited because of the buttons on the keypad. This is why the iPhone is “so great” because of the larger screen and lack of buttons.

I personally find the iPhone to be useless because of these lack of buttons. For a few years I used an older style cellphone and the screen never really worked right. However, I was still able to dial a phone number when I needed to. If you’re stranded somewhere and the screen on your iPhone isn’t working properly then you’re basically screwed and need to walk your way over to someone who’s phone isn’t defunct or a payphone, respectively.

No one really NEEDS an all-in-one cellphone. People have trouble differenciating between NEEDS and WANTS. You want the ability to listen to music, take pictures and make a phone call through one tiny machine. You don’t actually need it. I want to assume you were functioning just fine before these phones hit it big, if you weren’t then I would strongly suggest getting some help.

My issue with Apple at the moment is they’ve now decided to put the next version of the iPod into production as well. There will no longer be a click wheel. It’s going to look just like an iPhone but will be used for media storage only (pictures, movies, video’s – etc). So yet again if your screen is malfunctioning, you’re instantly losing money on your investment. For my personal experience, products seem to screw up for me between one day to one week after the warranty has expired. If this is something that companies are, in fact, working into their systems then I’d say there’s a major class-action lawsuit that needs to be started up.

The iPhone doesn’t currently have a replacement battery available, there are pending lawsuits in regards to this. I wonder if the iPod is going to be the same way?

When it comes to their smaller gadgets, I can safely say Apple is useless to me. When it comes to desktops however, that’s where I’ll keep my focus.


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