Why didn’t I think of that?

A business that always seems to be booming, somehow, is Real Estate.

I’ll admit that a lot of the times the real estate market is down based on a lack of income but you also have to factor in that anyone who’s name is in the papers is making some kind of decent money in order for them to be there. All professional sports players and actors alike are making hundreds of millions of dollars in their career to be able to handle buying up some massive property around the US and calling it home.

This evening I came across a resource named Top Producer Real Estate Websites. Their site description falls in: Websites designed for the specific needs of the real estate industry. Their custom tools allow Realtors to post MLS listings, collect contact information and create regular updates – all with an easy to manage interface.

For me this says the web programmer has created an all in one CMS kind of a script specifically for the needs of real estate professionals and knowing that I didn’t do it first is something I’m kicking myself for. How many people use the internet on a regular basis to look up real estate? There are even people looking at homes on their television through channels provided for free with their local cable services. It’s absolutely unreal!


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