Where’d it go?

I hate when things magically disappear off my desk. Once everything settled down today and I stopped playing around with my new configuration, I got back to work. There’s always room for play-time when you’ve put in some reasonable work beforehand. In my case, it waited until after but this doesn’t mean I haven’t accomplished anything.

So I finish up with a lot of today’s “To Do” list and figure I’ll surf around the web and look for new and interesting gadgets to share. I found one that I could probably do a 3,000 write-up on because I’d already read an article about first-hand usage of this product from a review company that I’d trust with my e-life. I go to flip through the magazine where this article was located and I just can’t seem to find it anywhere.

I searched in the usual places, behind the desk or even under the dog considering she’d use a plate as a bed as long as it was warm. I then looked through the boxes that the monitor came in figuring Sean may accidentally have thrown it out. Still couldn’t find it. Searching high and low in the office was bringing me absolutely no where so I shifted my attention to the rest of the house. No where to be found.

I come back to the office and magically it’s back on my desk. How’d it get there? HUBBY! Second time he’s done it to me this week, now he’s in the dog house.

Men, don’t hide things from your wife unless it’s an expensive gift for them – K?


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